Updated January 19, 2022

  • What is a Creator? A Creator is someone who offers membership, content, subscriptions, events, merchandise, and other services to Fans via ("Company") and Fliqs Media, Inc. ("Web Host"). A Creator may be an individual or legal entity.
  • What are Fans? Fans pay to get benefits from Creators via Company and Web Host such as additional access, merchandise, exclusive content, and engaging events and experiences. Depending on a Creator’s preference, Fans will be charged either a set amount per month or per creation (e.g. an event or merchandise). Fans can cancel a membership subscription at any time. To become a Fan simply purchase merchandise or a ticket to an event; or create an account and join a Creator’s membership (which includes a free tier).


  • Fans pay to join a Creator’s subscription on Company and Web Host, through either a set amount per month or per creation, depending on the Creator.
  • There are two types of subscriptions.  One is a monthly subscription where You pay per month.  The second is an annual subscription, where You pay for a year of access up front, at a discounted rate.  Not all offerings may allow for both subscription types. You can see the details as You join, as well as in the receipt sent to You after each successful payment. You can view all Your active subscriptions and billing history on Your subscription page.
  • Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time and will be effective on the next renewal date. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS for cancelled subscriptions; ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • You may lose access to a Creator’s Fan-only posts and benefits when You cancel Your subscription, Your payment method fails, the Creator blocks You, or the Creator deletes their account.
  • We are not required to allow You to be a Fan of any particular Creator. Company and Web Host do not guarantee the identity of Creator or the validity of any claims they make. We appreciate Your help reporting suspicious Creator pages so We can keep Our Platform safe.


In addition to subscriptions, Fans may purchase merchandise or tickets to events on Our Website when enabled by a Creator.

  • We may choose not to accept any orders in Our sole discretion. We are not responsible for missed deliveries due to wrong or misspelled recipient names, addresses or phone numbers.  We reserve the right to advise You of any additional delivery charges that apply to Your specific delivery address.
  • Substitute merchandise. If merchandise goes out of stock, We reserve the right to substitute in Our discretion, with the most appropriate merchandise alternative in order to avoid fulfillment delays, unless We can't find a comparable replacement.  Substitute merchandise may result in an additional charge or a credit back to You depending on its price.  You may opt-out of substitute merchandise on the order page.
  • We cannot guarantee delivery dates and to the extent permitted by law, We accept no responsibility, apart from advising You of any known delay, for merchandise delivered after the estimated delivery date. Average time for delivery may be shown on the Site.
  • Ownership of merchandise will only pass to You after We receive full payment of all sums due in respect of the merchandise, including delivery charges and taxes, and We deliver the merchandise to the carrier.
  •  If You are located in a jurisdiction in which Company and Web Host are required to charge and collect tax (e.g. VAT or, sales tax), then this tax is added to the total charge. Except in limited circumstances, this tax is shown when You set up the initial membership subscription. Company and Web Host remit all tax collected to the applicable taxing authority. As tax is largely dependent on Your location, You are responsible for keeping Your address complete and up to date.  Depending on Your location, some banks may charge You a foreign transaction fee for Your membership subscription. Company and Web Host do not control this charge, but it is typically around 3%. Please contact Your bank for more information.  We have a no refund policy, although We will allow for exceptions where refunds are granted in Our sole discretion.
  • ALL SALES OF MERCHANDISE / TICKETS ARE FINAL.  Returns may be permitted at Our discretion but only if a) the merchandise is defective or damaged; b) the merchandise is returned within 10 days; and c) You first obtain an RMA or return merchandise authorization from Us after calling +1-833 963-FAME (3263).  If possible, reuse the original packaging materials to pack the returned merchandise in its best possible condition.  Remove or cover previous shipping labels from the outside of the box.  Close and tape the box securely to ensure it will not open during transit.  Please make sure to indicate the RMA number clearly on the outside of Your box when returning Your product to ensure that Your return can be properly verified.  Failure to include the RMA number may result in a processing delay.



  • Fans shall comply with all laws applicable to their purchases through Our Platform.
  • Fans shall immediately report to Us all suspected or known instances and facts concerning possible fraud, abuse or criminal activity associated with their use of Our Platform.
  • Fans engaging in any form of payment fraud, such as completing a transaction with a stolen credit card or unauthorized payment information, will be banned from using Our Platform and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • You will indemnify Us from all losses and liabilities, including legal fees, that arise from Your failure to comply with these terms or that relate to Your misuse of Our Platform.
  • We reserve the right to exercise exclusive control over the defense of a claim covered by this clause. If we exercise this right, then You will help us in Our defense.